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First of all a heart felt thanks for everyones encouragement and interest in our upcoming CD!!

Things are going well! We are currently in the middle of recording sessions, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing, talented studio musicians. Over the next couple of weeks I will have the privilege of working with more musicians and singers, as we work towards the completion of our album.

The hard work and the late hours by everyone is paying off! We are very excited about the sound mixes so far and can’t wait to share them with all! God is truly blessing us on this journey.

Still lots of work ahead, but if all goes as planned the studio work and sound mixing should be completed by the end of October. The albums planned release is late November early December.

In the near future we will also have available on our website sound tracks of songs from our soon to be released CD.

God’s Blessings,


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  1. robert/cousin says:

    Hey cousin you look awful pretty. I love you man. I was looking for your music I always wanted to sing with you. Let me sing with you I can make you famous. (ha,ha) I AM GOING TO SING WITH YOU. I do love the lord.

    love you cousin
    talk to later.

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