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“Life Is A Journey… is a rich and unswerving dose of gospel from front to back… [Mike] has a very moving voice, which brings to mind Eric Clapton in his softer moments (think “Beautiful Tonight”)… He is a practiced and proficient guitarist and songwriter, as the bulk of Life Is A Journey is made up of bright, catchy and uplifting material… ‘My Very Angel’ quietly makes a case for being the best track on the record and has a certain class and elegance that relays a sense of sincerity so many standard ‘love songs’ miss completely… It’s hard not to be inspired by Mike Pavelka’s passionate and honest undertaking of material he feels so strongly about.”

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“Mike Pavelka sings, writes and plays a most gentle form of Christian music. Life Is A Journey chronicles the singer/songwriter’s spiritual/musical journey in a sweet and warm manner… It’s admirable the way Pavelka sings so slowly and thoughtfully… and meditates upon God’s holiness… Life Is A Journey is filled with the kind of music that is perfectly suited for a church service, to be sung just prior to a sermon. Listening to it just puts one’s heart in the correct frame of mind… It’s a lovely, meditative work. The way Pavelka fit steel guitar into so many places makes it a collection that particularly stands out…  Life Is A Journey captures the essence of Pavelka’s musical mode.”

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