Artist Biography

Mike Pavelka artist photo

Mike Pavelka sings, writes and plays a gentle form of Christian music. He has a very moving voice, which brings to mind Eric Clapton in his softer moments such as “Beautiful Tonight.” His debut album “Life Is A Journey” is a fusion of contemporary Christian praise with a rock-country polish. Mike’s music is lovely and meditative. When listening, one’s heart is put into a peaceful frame of mind.

It is hard not to be inspired by Mike Pavelkas’s passionate and honest undertaking of material he feels so strongly about. He is a practiced guitarist and songwriter. His biggest joy comes from sharing his art with his wife, Tina, who wrote several of the songs on this album. Now released with Tate Music Group, “Life Is A Journey” is praised for its rich and unswerving dose of gospel that meditates on God’s Holiness.

“I am thankful and forever grateful for the love and support given by my family and friends, especially my dear wife Tina who is my inspiration. I pray that through our music you may find peace and understanding.”

God’s Blessings To All — Mike